Live, Love, Laugh is medicine

All my life I tried to stay away from negativity,  and keeping up a good vibe, for example I don’t like watching the news because I feel is too negative and I belive they focus on fear. I always but always preferred comedy movies over dramatic movie and so on and so forth. I notice that we thrive on good vibes, and we try to focus only on the good.
With all that being said I always tried to laugh as much possible and make jokes on everything, literally everything. For example the day I found out that Luke needed to be transfered to Joe Dimaggio Children’s hospital was really scary but right of the bet I remembered my favorite Siendfied episode when Kramer talk about Joe Dimaggio (another coincidence), so I put the scene on YouTube (click here for video) to take a break in my mind.
Whe. Luke was born, life became crazy, but in my mind I was always thinking, I need to keep laughing, and I notice that everytime I laugh things got easier to mange, the pressure and stress felt lighter. The interesting thing is that kids normally feels a lot, they feel our energy and everything is energy, I made a decision to everytime I’m near Luke I want to be laughing and on a good vibe so he can feel that I’m not worried, is not that  easy but is possible.
As we learn about Luke condition, nemaline myopathy,  we are finding out that how well he improves has a lot to do with his environment. Basically good support, physical therapy,  etc can make a huge difference in his life. Loving him, stimulating him, exercising  (not to the point of exhaustion), and laugh with him, all this is not only good for him but is medicine, especially because the first months on nemaline myopathy are crucial.
So live, love and laugh to your fullest because is medicine and always look at the bright side of life.


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