Right before Luke was born I made this challenge, on the 1st year of Luke’s life I needed to increase 1 push up a day, until his birthday I would have to 365 push ups. In the beginning my goal was to create awareness to clean up the oceans. That is still one of my goals, but now I have a bigger purpose: nemaline myopathy.
Luke was born with nemaline myopathy,  it’s a mutation on the acta1 gene causing muscle weakness. Interesting enough the foundation that raise money for research it’s called building strength,  it fits perfectly with my challenge. Coincidence? I don’t think so, for me the law of the universe is clear, there are no coincidence.  The goal now is to create awareness to nemaline myopathy 1 extra push up a day!
I also started the #goLukeWygand wrist band campaign, where 50% of the sale goes to research, the rest cover cost and help young Luke Wygand, to order your wrist band click here.
There are more things coming up and more ideas, I belive the more research in genetics we have the better, so we can prevent many many things to happen, and find cure for many order disorders around the world.
Yesterday was the 85th day of the challenge, and I made a video because was the first time I was able to do it right next to Luke, since he is finally out of the hospital. Check it out here.
May the force be with you!!!
Much Love,
The Wygand family.

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