Do we choose our parents?

Do we choose our parents?

Well I always have this belief that we choose our parents, I read in many books, but after Luke was born I really feel that this is extremely accurate and I can explain why.

First of all I believe we are energy beings, and we come to the planet with a purpose. Luke is no different, his astral map is something extremely beautiful and it’s all crossed with his parents. Yes, all 3 astral maps cross some similar informations (it gave us goosebumps when we did).

The more we learn about nemaline myopathy, the more we can see why he chose us as parents. Luke needs to build strength, but not only strength, but endurance, real endurance. Reading an article that my big brother sent to me, how aerobic endurance help people that suffer of nemaline myopathy it’s incredible, and guess what? Father raced ironman for leaving and is an endurance coach. Mother (she does not like me to say this) but raced triathlon in an elite level and was state champion in Brasil a few times.

Fighting the odds

Luke since he was born has been fighting the odds, so far he has done many things that a few doctors said he would never do it. Same thing as his mom and Dad, we both did things that people said we would never be able to do it, and speaking on my behalf (Dad), this is one of the thing I like to do most. When people tell me that is impossible, my first thought is always “Let’s see if it is or not”. I get super motivated with this kind of challenge.


When we first got to Joe Dimaggio Children’s hospital, we haven’t see Luke cry or move. Well, Carol and I we look at each other and we said, let’s help him move, and we started to play with with, we used to help him do “chest press”, we played “heads, shoulder, knees and toes”. We started right away and when the first therapist came we already had started, because we said if is a muscle weakness, muscle can get stronger. I know is a genetic mutation but with everything in life a lot will have to do with the stimulus and the environment, our DNA have a potential you can either use fully or not.  Therefore,  we are building a gym for him, and we are seen great results, even the PT test at the specialist in Orlando, the result was higher than expected.


Both of us have a life history that we had to overcomes some life issues, is not that we are the only ones, but is just another piece of the puzzle. The way we arrived at this point in life, we had to overcome lots of things, the visa process for example was insane because we had to be a year and a half apart.If you think Triathlon is a sport where you have to overcome a lot of things on training and racing (mentally and physically), and we both did compete in great levels for years consecutives, it’s not easy. Both of us decided to follow our dreams in terms of career instead of working for money, and we did. I quit 6 years of smoking and lots 100 pounds, therefor Luke has our blood and we are positive that Luke will overcome lots of things. For example our way of thinking as parents it’s very similar, when the Doctor said that Luke won’t be able to walk, we both thought “Luke is going to be the one who decide that”.

Our conclusion is: We do choose our parents, so embrace your kid for who they are, help them reach their full potential. Love them as much as you can because they came here with a mission and they choose you to guide them.


Feel Good,