You know I always heard and read life is right here right now. It’s true, but I always found hard to do it, until Luke came along.

Lately I found out that every time I start looking at the future I start to “freak out a bit”. For example I start thinking how is going to be Luke’s future, how it will be school, how it will be his life etc etc etc…. that just start to build up my stress and anxiety. So when that happen I just take a deep breath and think: Life is right here right now, what can I do now? I usually immediately feel better.

Applying what I learned in sports

With years of endurance training and racing long distance I learned how to deal with the unexpected, and for that you must be in the now, because the problem needs to dealt with in that moment. When I coach my athletes, I often teach to deal with certain situations, of course we try to minimize those situations. In life is no difference in order to perform we must stay in the now, and deal with the unexpected.

The other good lesson that I learned from sports that I am applying in my life now is simple and I call: The human performance measure machine. As an athlete and coach people often asked me about, GPS, Power meter, all those machines that measure effort/performance etc… Those machines are great, but nobody invented a machine that can measure the capacity of the human, so in the end, all those things are just a number, they are good tools but in the end you must trust your feelings, they are a lot more accurate than any machine (as long as you are in tune). We are one of the most perfect and powerful machine, and there is no way that it can be measured, until today humans have been surprising lots and lots of people with some out of this world performance (not talking about sports here because of doping), therefore when someone says Luke won’t do this or that, our answer is simple: Luke will decide! Because once Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right”

When I look, or think about Luke, I am now keeping my focus and thoughts like this: What can I do now for him, and now is the magic point where you can change things. What you do or don’t do now can affect your future, and that is the only moment you can change, cause the past is past and the future, well, it’s not here yet. All you can do is now!


Feel Good,



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