On July 2016, Luke, was born with nemaline myopathy. Nemaline myopathy is a genetic mutation that affect the muscles from strength to endurance making simple things harder. Since both of us (Mom and Dad) are triathletes and come from a background of endurance sport we are creating the the Nemaline Myopathy Awareness Cycling day, in order to raise awareness and funds for research rw training is creating the nemaline myopathy awareness cycling day. To participate is simple:
-Purchase the cycling Jersey at the link here (deadline to purchase May 1st, Jerseys will be shipped July 1st)
-Get together with friends choose a 50 or 100 miler route (you got time to get ready for that)
-Ride with the Jersey and post pictures on social media using the #goLukeWygand and #nemalinemyopathy hashtags
-Share your ride with garmin and strava using those hashtags
-25% of the jersey will go to nemaline myopathy research.


Feel Good!!!

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