We decided to do a documentary about our journey and the love and support of the community so we decided to try kickstrter and we got accepted. A lot of people are asking  us how kickstarter works, so here it is. The main thing for kickstarter is that it must be something that it is inspirational.

Kickstarter is all or nothing, by that means either we raise all the funds we need or we don’t get anything. The money will cover, expenses such as: camera rentals, transportation, filmmaker, producer, memory cards, time, translator for subtitles, and everything it might come up. We have until may 20th to raise the funding. Your credit card will be charge only if we raise everything in the end.


The  goals are:

-90 min bilingual documentary

-a little bit of the Wygand family life (Luke, Carol, Rich and Bolt)

-How Luke touched some many hearts already and put so many people together

-talk and interview with other families

-the love and support from other people

-how we overcome challenges based on pure love, and a lot more… we do have a lot of content already

The ideas and work are coming and with your help we can do more and better to help and inspire families all over the globe. You can track our updates at kickstarter, youtube, instangram and facebook.

Love to all!

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