Well a year has pass, and Luke now is 1 year old (wow) that went pretty fast!!!! I cannot even begin to explain to you how amazing this journey is. Yes is was hard at first but the growth that came with it is much bigger than any challenge, in fact I believe that in order to grow we need to be uncomfortable, and this Journey made us quite a bit uncomfortable, but we accepted the challenge and we are growing with it!

Luke has brought so much light, and inspiration not only for us but to the people around us and the world. Hard to explain how people that barely know us offer to help, and ask about Luke daily. In fact, when Luke was in the hospital, many people for different religions were praying for Luke and in one point we had a church in Brazil with 2000 people praying for him in one day.

This is truly amazing and the support that we receive daily is unbelievable, and we are truly grateful for all of you that have helped us.

Someone told me once, “when you have a child you will triple your income”, that is part true, is not money related, it’s your natural gifts, by that means it will come the best of you, whatever the situation may be. I can only say in my case, Luke’s arrival took my life and I believe my family’s life to another level. I can honestly say I triple my income of gratitude, joy, and love, and that is all it matters!

For example: One of the biggest gift was the book that Grandmother Lilia Monteiro wrote during our stay in the NICU and the first time we went home. The book is called Diaries of a Baby and it express in a extremely positive way the love surrounding Luke. We recently translated the book to English, which it will be released in within a week. Before the launch in Brazil 500 copies were sold, and the book had a record sale on launch day at the book store in Brazil the past July 6 (Luke’s birthday).  On my side, I got so inspired that my dream of writing a book is being fulfilled, I can’t even believe that it almost ready, I am still debating on the title.

My efforts to create awareness for Nemaline Myopathy are growing with me. I always wanted to do something like that, however I never had a foundation that I could trust neither a case that I really was into.  I thought about doing another Ironman but to be honest after 18 of those, I know I can finish one any time, plus I believe Luke and all other kids deserve to do something more unique. Paddle boarding requires strength and a lot of core, therefore fits perfectly for the cause. That being said I add a little bit of endurance and madness to the game. Paddling from Lake Worth to Key West (or vice versa depending on weather), 200 miles. The building strength foundation is supporting me and 100% of the money raised will go to research and I will be able to help. Training has began already, so stay tuned.

You can check the event here:https://buildingstrength.networkforgood.com/projects/32128-paddling-for-strength

You can also get the book on the pre sale price here: https://rwcoaching.net/Store/dairies-of-a-baby


Feel Good!




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