1 min push up challenge

My efforts for Nemaline Myopathy are just starting. In life I always said we copy the good things, with that in mind I created the 1 min push up challenge. Yes, similar with the ice bucket challenge. When I asked what the nemaline myopathy foundation need the most the answer was: Awareness and funds. So my thought was I can help, I can do something crazy (actually I said something stupid since I was stupid enough to do 18 ironmans LOL just joking) like paddle boarding 200 miles from Key West to Lake Worth (we are changing directions so I can finish with Luke), but I wanted to do something NOW since the paddle board will be in 2018!

So here it is the 1 min push up challenge:

Why push ups? Because nemaline myopathy affects the muscles causing weakness.

What is the challenge?

  1. Do the maximum number of push ups in 1 min
  2. Make a video
  3. Post on Social media
  4. Challenge 5 friends
  5. Use the #nemalinemyopathy and #goLukeWygand
  6. Make it viral!

With Gratitude,

The Wygand Family!!!